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 Guest House

(Per Person)


Private room, Full board services included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,  Drinking water & Tea during the dayShared Toilet & Bathroom



$70 (1 pax)

$120 (2 Pax)





Private suite with toilet & bathroom inside, Full board services included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,  Drinking water & Tea during the day


The rooms caravanserai's photos:

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rooms & suites 09
rooms & suites 10
rooms & suites 11
rooms & suites 12


For backpacker we have only one drom with 8 traditional bed sheet.


The rooms of the caravanserai are 9 meters wide and have two windows. The ground is covered by moquette and a Gelim or an old handmade carpet. One table for sitting use and Iranian traditional bed consists of a coverlet, a bed sheet, a panel, a pillow is designed in a form that can be used as sitting and backrest during the day. Each room has a mirror and a clothes hanger and a case with personal lock for keeping the important and pricey things. There are 15 rooms with rest room. All of rooms have shared toilet & bathroom.


Anarak caravanserai has two- 40 meters wide private suites that each of them includes one hall and a private toilet and a bathroom. Also there are one twin. All services aresuch as rooms. The suites are designed traditionally. The suite is suitable for the families and group people. We can add 4 extra traditional bed for each suite. Totally 6 people can sleep at any ot the suite.


The rooms have 30 bed. (45 People with extra bed sheet)

The Suites have 2 bed.( 12 People with extra bed)

For the group with extra bed the capacity of Anarak Caravanseri is 57 people.


Rest room:

Rest rooms are separated for men and women and any one each rest room are includes in 2 Iranian toilets and 2 squit toilet, 2 showers and 3 wash stands.


Recreation room:

Caravanserai has a 75 meters room for relaxation and communication between guests that includes one library contains publications about local touristic attractions and stationary information of Iran and also some other various subjects and there are a television set and video player and some films. The guests can enjoy local Iranian music and interior channels and news channels.

This place is designed traditionally and includes benches and chairs and beds. The room is designed by crafts and paintings that make good situation for relaxation.


The caravanserai yard:

The caravanserai yard is 450 meters wide. 16 pomegranate trees make the yard more beautiful and two Soffe that each one is for relaxation in a special season.


Room Seservation



  • Sleeping arrangements are traditional (traditional Persian beds).
  • Food is prepared in Persian style (traditional food).
  • For children under 7 years we have no charge and between 7–12 we charge half price.
  • If you are travelling in a group or through a travel agency please consider our high season period and also bear in mind that the rooms are limited special the suite, so please let us know your requirement and preferred arrangement in advance.

Important notes:

  • To make reservation please use the “Reserve” tab on the website header.
  • Please have a look at our full package tours under the tab " Tours " which are inclusive of accomodation and transport.
  • If you are a travel agency or tour operator, for full package tour you can used the same above tab "Tour Reservatin", and for room reservation, you can use this tab: " Travel agencies"
  • Please buy an Iranian SIM card when you arrive Iran and confirm your arrival and booking by calling our office in Tehran.(Land Line: +98- 21 - 26566026 ) or calling to our 24 hours help desk (+98- 935 422 47 88)
  • Normally two used one room but for the big group some time we add one more traditinal bed sheet.

The high season period are:

  1. From mid-September to mid-January(autumn)
  2. From 18th March till 2nd of April (Iranian New Year-Peak season)
  3. April & June(spring time)

For your convenience it is advised to book your accommodation ahead of the above periods.