Isfahan to Anarak:

  1. It’s 215 Kilometers far from Isfahan to Anarak. Every day a bus depart at 2:00 P.M from Jey terminal to Anarak and there are several services to Tabas city every day that can be used for reaching to Anarak. This way has the lowest cost for traveling to Anarak from Isfahan.
  2. Also taxies from Jey terminal to Na’in can be taken that passenger’s insurance can be used.
  3. From Isfahan city center to Anarak, taxies can be taken with 7000 Rials per Kilometer cost.
  4. This way is the highest cost way from Isfahan to Anarak.


Yazd to Anarak:

  1. The distance between Yazd and Anarak is 260 Kilometers long and Meybod, Ardakan, Aghda and Na’in are in this way.
  2. All these cities are very cute that will be enjoyable if the travel would be by taxi.
  3. A bus to Na’in and a taxi from Na’in to Anarak also is one way to this city from Yazd.
  4. The train from Yazd to Anarak is another way. Na’in train station is 35 Kilometers far from Anarak that can be passed by taxi