Adventure Iran , Specialty Tour Operators

Adventure Iran is an incoming adventure travel operations based in Tehran and incharge of all desert tour in the Robat Anarak. The expertise is in Iran central desert tours along with different activities such as; desert trekking & camping, desert exploring and sightseeing, 4WD desert tours, desert cycling and MTB, and Multi-activity desert tours.
Robat Anarak and Adventure Iran are business partners and their aim is to handle your trip in an efficient way to make it unforgettable.
If you are an individual and can arrange your itinerary independently according to our fixed departures you can join one of our tours. If you like to have a special itinerary or you are a group or a travel agency, you can send us your inquiry and we will design an itinerary for you to suit your needs.
Our desert adventure tours are performed twice a week starting from Yazd, Esfahan and Tehran. Sometimes a group of improvised players joins our tours and play live music at the night time.
Adventure Iran can customize and design special desert tours in the exotic and unknown areas for groups or travel companies as well.
For those who wish to have the whole package "Iran tour Tehran to Tehran" please check out for more information.

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