This caravanserai has been built from stucco, brick and stones with four 1600 meters balconies.

This 134 years old caravanserai ; was free for every one for a short time and then after recent advances in technology and changing the travel way from caravan to machinery travels, had been left useless but then in 1305 Shamsi Germans who was searching mines and metals were abided in it for 12 years. At that time rooms numbered 3 and 4 now, were used as altering/changing place and then converted to oil store. Also was used as flour mill and car parking for citizens. In 1387 Shamsi in associated with council

Caravanserai’s features:

  1. 16 rooms
  2. 2 suites
  3. Restaurant that can lodge 50 guests. This very beautiful restaurant is designed traditionally. There are chairs and table and Cushion for different desires.