1.           Caravanserai is a historic building that can make a unforgettable memories for guests
  2.            Entertainment room
  3.           Separated restaurant
  4.           440 meters yard with a very good view from the rooms
  5.           White and traditionally designed beds
  6.           Benefiting solar energy for heating bath water
  7.          Anarak area that has about 40 items for nature visiting
  8.           WI-FI Internet service
  9.           Regarding international eco-touristic provisions ( hygienic. Not using ……, nature saving)
  10.           Not presence of disturbing insects such as gnat.
  11.      Rest room Squad & Seat Type
  12.      2 sets for a Callisthenic
  13.      Ophthalmic telescope
  14.      Bicycles for quests exercise